Castelo Branco is the 2nd city with the highest quality of life in Portugal and the 20th from 124 cities analysed worldwide (Source DECO: 2012). It is located just two hours from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, and three hours from Madrid, capital of Spain. Life in Castelo Branco is characterized by a high level of public safety, a low cost of housing and food, and privileged access to health care.


Castelo Branco is therefore a city with the right conditions for you to live an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your life.

Currently, there are 145 companies in the industrial area of Castelo Branco, covering virtually all business sectors: agriculture and food, refrigeration industry, automotive components, metals, textiles and clothing, furniture and wood, distribution and logistics, services, etc.

The city also has shopping centres, several sports facilities, motorsport circuits, swimming pool with 4,000 square meters of water and 80 acres of surrounding park. Castelo Branco has several restaurants where you can enjoy some of the richest culinary delights in Portugal at very affordable prices, and has a large number of bars and clubs, animated by the student environment.


The academic parties and festivities are traditions that stimulate student life at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.

In Castelo Branco you can also visit monuments that are part of the national heritage, such as the Episcopal Palace and its beautiful gardens.

Idanha-a-Nova, where the School of Management is located, offers excellent conditions for its inhabitants. Located halfway between Lisbon and Madrid, the village is very welcoming and has a variety of attractions and sights, like churches and other monuments, the modern Centro Cultural Raiano and the Municipal Library, the Municipal Swimming Pool Complex, or the Health Centre and the Multipurpose Pavilion, among others.

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