International students wishing to enter a study programme (undergraduate/master) in the IPCB can make the online application via the website of Academic Services.

The beginning of the academic year

The academic year generally begins in mid-September and finishes in mid-July.

Check the IPCB website for the school calendar.

After the selection

You can check the application results on the announced date on this site.

Obtaining a student visa

To study in Portugal, you need to obtain a visa from the nearest Portuguese Consulate/Embassy of your area of residence. Please inquire with this authority about the student visa and the procedure for obtaining it.

In order to obtain the student visa, the IPCB applies the stipulated by the ministerial ordinance n.111/2019.

What to do after arriving in Portugal

Formalities with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF)

How to get to Castelo Branco?

It is easy to get regular connections from all parts of the world to Portugal, with the main airports being those of Lisbon and Porto. We recommend you to come via Lisbon.

The trip to Castelo Branco can be by train or by bus.

From Lisbon International Airport:

  • By train: go by metro (red line), by bus (Oriente 2), or by taxi to the Lisboa-Oriente train station. There are several daily trains for Castelo Branco, with the fastest trip by the train IC-Intercidades. Check the train schedules at the link:
  • By bus: go by metro (red and blue line), by bus, or by taxi to the Express Terminal of Sete Rios. There are several daily connections to Castelo Branco. Check the Express Network website for schedules and prices.

When you arrive in Castelo Branco, as soon as possible, you should go to the International Relations Office (GRI) located in the Central Services and Presidency building, where international students are welcomed and where practical information is given. You will receive, among other information: the procedures with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF); a SIM card for the mobile phone; how to find accommodation, access to canteens and other services; how to open a bank account; and how to register in the Health National Service.

You will also go to the Academic Services where you have to show the certificate originals sent online and used in the application.

This is also where you should present any problems you may have.

Accommodation and support services

The IPCB, through the Social Action Services, has accommodation in halls of residence in the centre of the cities of Castelo Branco and Idanha-a-Nova.

More information at

Due to the high demand, those interested in staying in one of the IPCB’s halls of residence should express this intention as soon as possible.