Registration/Enrolment is obrigatory done online at the Academic Portal.

1 – To start your process you must access   and proceed with the registration (the identification document number you must put is the one you used when you applied).

2 – After your registeration, you must access the portal  with your access data (email @  and your chosen password) and proceed with your registration.

3 – You must pay the registration fee (25 €) + 1st instalment of the tuition fee (675 €), in order to proceed with the registration. The video tutorial has an explanation of how to proceed.

Please see the Registration / Enrollment Support Manual.

You can also see the video tutorial available at: Video Youtube

For other questions about enrolment, contact the Academic Services

  • Undergraduate Degrees (BSc and BA) – 1350€ / year (Maximum number of instalments: 10)
  • Master (MSc and MA) -1500€ / year (Maximum number of instalments: 10)
  • Master in Palliative Care – 2000€ / year (Maximum number of instalments: 10)