Academic year 2019/20 – NEW DATES

1st call

2nd call

3rd call

Submission of applications

from January 14 to March 29

from June 03 to July 5

from August 26 to September 20

Admission results1

May 03

July 12

September 25

Submission of appeals

until May 06

until July 15

until September 27

Final decision of appeals

until May 10

until July 17

until October 2

Registration and enrollment2

from May 13 to 17

from July 18 to 24

from October 3 to 8

Admission tests3

from September 9 to 13

from September 9 to 13

from October 7 to 11

  1. Temporary results of candidates enrolled in some degrees that demand the fulfilment of prerequisites or that according to the situation are demanded to take admission tests.
  2. Students in the situation of conditional admission (depending on taking admission tests) will register and enrol later in a period to be established.
  3. Only applied to candidates that need to take specific admission tests.